Re: RP??: A cute LOM based novelty item!

From: ralott@CCGATE.HAC.COM
Date: Wed Oct 29 2008 - 17:36:31 EET

     I too, was amused by the TV ad for this new toy. Now I'm trying to
     figure out the parameters to duplicate the idea -- it looks like a
     great "bosses' toy" and would make a very good visual aid when
     teaching the concept of RP.
     I'll leave the unveiling to tou, George.
     Rick Lott
     Hughes Space and Stuff
     Los Angeles, CA

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Subject: RP??: A cute LOM based novelty item!
Author: George Sachs <> at CCGATE
Date: 10/28/97 7:29 PM

If you happen to visit certain toy stores in the coming months, you may come
across a very interesting new novelty item (at least it's new to me). Some
of you may even kick yourselves when you see its simplicity (I did!).
Apparently there was at least one creative individual who saw commercial RP
as "all work no play" and was motivated enough to see a market for even
"very bad RP" and consequently decided to make something fun (and
potentially extremely profitable) out of it. I think people like Michael
Rees and Brock Hinzmann would get a special kick out of this one! By the
way, it is being touted as "a brand new concept". Now I won't spoil the fun
for you just yet, but if no one discovers what this thing is, I will spill
the beans in a later posting. By the way, did anyone from Shroff Development
have something to do with this or know about it (hint, hint)? I am also sure
that more than a handful of us, had some very similar crude objects sitting
on our desks for some time ... but then that's all they did, just sit there.
Hats off, to the industrious and entrepreneurial person who took the next
step with this nifty idea and invested the 99% work along with the 1%
inspiration which is the hallmark of all really good products. It would be
hilarious if this thing eventually makes several million dollars in profit
at a time when commercial RP profits seem to be tapering off. Someone
mention cheap RP for the masses?
George Sachs

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