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From: gerd schwaderer (gerd@iware.com)
Date: Wed Oct 29 1997 - 17:29:28 EET

I got a forwarded email concerning Kira users in our territory with a need
of our powerful RPM module.
Thanks very much for the information.
I also realize an obvious RP mailing list I would like to belong to also.
What kind of machine is Kira exactly???

I am a representative of IMAGEWARE Europe, an american software company
producing cool products in reverse engineering, RP, RT, and verification.

We sell our RPM module to many users in RP industry. Our Modules are also
integrated in some RP machines such as 3D Systems (SL Toolkit), Helisys and
others that believe in us to deliver the best RP and RT software (well, I
hope we are ;>) ).

Imageware RPM offers:
Rapid Prototyping
Rapid Tooling
STL Verification and Repair Mechanisms (filling holes, removing
Core Definition
Boolean Functions
Creation of Polygons from CAD Surfaces
Finding Parting Lines
Manipulating Parting Lines

And much more!

Visit us at http://www.iware.com

Or call me at 0049 2234 1855 110 in Cologne, germany
I speak german, english and some french and portuguese....

thanks for interest, Gerd Schwaderer

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