RE: RP? A cute LOM based novelty item!

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Date: Thu Oct 30 1997 - 21:22:12 EET

Hello All,

I can't resist any longer. Just have to put my two cents worth in.

Thanks to George for connecting LOM with all "layered sheet" rapid
prototyping approaches, even toys. Love that brand identification -
like Kleenex.

Thanks to Jason for implanting in the impressionable minds of people at
play the idea that RP means layers of solid material. Best of luck with
your clever marketing!

Thanks to Andrei for noting that the idea that RP means bonded layers of
solid material actually resides deep within the human subconscious and
surfaces repeatedly in history.

You guys are great! Makes my job easier :)!

Hope to see you at AUTOFACT. Please stop by the Helisys booth. We're
number 417.

Thanks again,

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>From: Novac, Andrei[]
>Sent: Thursday, October 30, 1997 5:34 PM
>Subject: Re: RP? A cute LOM based novelty item!
>In response to Jason Dickman's (Hasbro Toys), George Sachs, Rick Lott:
>The "new" toy described doesn't seem new to me. I would have a very
>hard time believing that the R&D group at Hasbro hasn't seen Schroff
>Development's JP System 5 - low cost desktop concept modeler! (if
>you're not familiar with JP System 5 - check out, or
>the research efforts of Dr. Charles Thomas, University of Utah
>JP System 5 has been on the market for approx. 2 years and it is
>marketed as an educational tool for introducing people to the concepts
>of Rapid Prototyping.
>Parts are created on JP System 5 from layers cut on a sign-making
>plotter equipped with a knife blade. The layers are manually stacked on
>a registration board to create the part.
>JP System 5 evolved from Shapemaker I - a low cost educational tool for
>RP developed by Dr. Charles Thomas and his students at the University of
>The 3D puzzle comes with pre-cut layers that need to be sorted and
>stacked on a registration board to generate a sculpture of a famous
>person. Again a very familiar theme to those who read any papers
>published by the RP research groups at the U of Utah or CAM/LEM - Case
>Western - groups that have made extensive use of human head models as
>examples for their Layered Manufacturing research.
>As I had used JP System 5 and its predecessor - Shapemaker I, I felt
>compelled to make these clarifications for those who may not be aware of
>this background information.
>Disclaimer: The opinions expressed above are strictly personal and
>don't reflect those of my employer.
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>Parametric Technology Corporation
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