RE: LOM based novelty item...not what you think!

From: George Sachs (
Date: Thu Oct 30 1997 - 23:12:10 EET

Sorry Brock, it's not quite that neat! It's really just a precut
puzzle/sculpture and costs about $30 (I appear to be doing a lot of free
advertizing for Hasbro these days...better buy some stock!). I'm glad that
adults can still get so excited about a new toy :-) Boy we must be leading
really boring lives!

George S.

By the way Jason could you get your bosses to send me a complementary sample
(Darth Vader would be nice) ... just kidding!!

>George, thanks for the tip. I'm clearing a space on my desk for this new
>toy. Whatever it is, it has to work better than modeling clay does in
>these unskilled hands of mine. I'm always intrigued by toys that allow kids
>(big and small) to explore their creativity with form, including everything
>from Lincoln Logs to Legos to Zoob. Even one of those brightly colored
>plastic Slinkies, flying through the air, can occupy me for some time. A 3-D
>Skulpting machine will be the end of me.

>Brock Hinzmann

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