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From: Yakov Horenstein (yakov@planet.it)
Date: Fri Oct 31 1997 - 00:39:21 EET

> DTM(TM) Announces DuraForm(TM) Polyamide for Demanding Rapid
> Prototyping Applications
>New Engineering Plastic Provides Exceptional Part Quality
>and Substantial Benefits in Ease of Use and Economical Operation
>AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 30 /PRNewswire/ DTM Corporation (Nasdaq: DTMC)
>today announced the future availability of a new engineering plastic
>material for use in the Sinterstation(R) family of rapid prototyping
>systems. The new material, DuraForm(TM) Polyamide, is designed for
>rapid prototyping applications that require exceptional resolution,
>fine feature definition, and surface finish characteristics. From an
>operational standpoint, this new material is both economical and easy
>to use as it is fully recyclable, requires less nitrogen for material
>processing, and processes at a lower temperature than other DTM Nylon
>materials. DuraForm Polyamide is the latest addition to the family
>of DTM Nylon materials and is scheduled for availability in late
>November or early December 1997.

[. . . ]

>Primary applications for this new material include electronic,
>computer, and automotive enclosures, and medical device parts. The
>excellent feature definition characteristics of this new functional
>modeling material, on the order of 0.75mm, are particularly suited
>for the small and often intricate features found in electronic
>connectors and medical instrumentation.
>DuraForm Polyamide has been certified USP Level VI for cytotoxicity
>which certifies the material can be exposed to human tissue for 24
>hours or less in surgical procedures. The material is currently
>being tested for ISO 10,993 compliance for cytotoxicity that includes
>additional advanced testing.
>Another key material attribute is the ability to produce functional
>models with superior resolution that are perceptively smooth without
>sanding or other post finishing procedures. For more demanding
>surface finish requirements, DuraForm Polyamide can easily be
>finished to a high-gloss surface finish of 0.13 microns R(A) with
>light sanding.
>DuraForm Polyamide offers some important advantages over other DTM
>Nylon materials when building parts with the Sinterstation System.
>These include reduced nitrogen consumption during material processing
>and the ability to recycle nearly 100 percent of any unused material
>until depletion. Both of these operational advantages have
>significant economic implications for users producing functional
>models in this material.
>Other key material characteristics, especially relevant in certain
>automotive applications, include chemical resistance, and the
>material's thermal and mechanical properties. DuraForm Polyamide is
>resistant to chemical attack from alkalines, hydrocarbons, fuels, and
>certain solvents. The material is capable of withstanding elevated
>temperatures and exhibits a heat deflection DTUL of 177 degrees C at
>0.45 Mpa. Finally, DuraForm Polyamide demonstrates impressive
>tensile strength measuring 43 Mpa.
>DTM Corporation develops, manufactures, and markets the Sinterstation
>family of rapid prototyping products [. . .]

>DTM(TM), DuraForm(TM), Sinterstation(R), and SLS(R) are trademarks
>and registered trademarks of DTM Corporation.
>SOURCE DTM Corporation
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>/CONTACT: Kent Nutt of DTM Corporation, 512-339-2922/
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Yakov Horenstein
Milano, Italy

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