RE: IGES data transfer from CATIA

From: Bruce Okkema (
Date: Fri Oct 31 1997 - 03:30:30 EET

We use CATIA as our main design software and have excellent results with both IGES and .stl. In my opinion, CATIA's new STL translator is the greatest. As a service bureau we get just about every system's data from time to time. We have several translators but most of the time we IGES the data into CATIA and write .stl out. (We do provide translation services if you have CATIA data and need .stl files.) I will be giving a live demonstration of some tips and tricks for CATIA IGES and .stl at Autofact on Thursday 11/6 during the Rapid Prototyping Software session if you are interested.

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Subject: IGES data transfer from CATIA

I've been having problems importing IGES files from CATIA. When I open the files on Surfacer (Imageware) I always get untrimmed surfaces and some missing surfaces. Does anyone out there in RP land have any solution to importing CATIA IGES files.

Does anyone know any service beaureau that use CATIA and CATIA Databridge (Imageware)?

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