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Date: Fri Oct 31 1997 - 14:41:17 EET

I just want to add, that there is a company, Sparx, in Mölndal in Sweden.
They have product similar to the JP System 5, which they call Hot Plot.

See also a comment from Terry Wohlers the 12/1 -96 at


At 09:34 1997-10-30 -0800, you wrote:
>In response to Jason Dickman's (Hasbro Toys), George Sachs, Rick Lott:
>The "new" toy described doesn't seem new to me. I would have a very
>hard time believing that the R&D group at Hasbro hasn't seen Schroff
>Development's JP System 5 - low cost desktop concept modeler! (if
>you're not familiar with JP System 5 - check out, or
>the research efforts of Dr. Charles Thomas, University of Utah
>JP System 5 has been on the market for approx. 2 years and it is
>marketed as an educational tool for introducing people to the concepts
>of Rapid Prototyping.
>Parts are created on JP System 5 from layers cut on a sign-making
>plotter equipped with a knife blade. The layers are manually stacked on
>a registration board to create the part.
>JP System 5 evolved from Shapemaker I - a low cost educational tool for
>RP developed by Dr. Charles Thomas and his students at the University of
>The 3D puzzle comes with pre-cut layers that need to be sorted and
>stacked on a registration board to generate a sculpture of a famous
>person. Again a very familiar theme to those who read any papers
>published by the RP research groups at the U of Utah or CAM/LEM - Case
>Western - groups that have made extensive use of human head models as
>examples for their Layered Manufacturing research.
>As I had used JP System 5 and its predecessor - Shapemaker I, I felt
>compelled to make these clarifications for those who may not be aware of
>this background information.
>Disclaimer: The opinions expressed above are strictly personal and
>don't reflect those of my employer.
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