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From: Elaine T. Hunt (
Date: Fri Oct 31 1997 - 15:51:52 EET

While I feel labels, definitions, expressions, etc. can serve a useful
purpose, they can also provide limitations and be detrimental to progress.
People give or take labels without thinking. So I'll share this do you bring students, engineers, management, and pit crew
together and communicate an important change to a winning race car? How
many languages, dialects, and jargon (not to mention accents) could be

Solution: Place them around a table and provide a 3d model for them to
touch and feel. The 3d model, the focal point, speaks each participants
language and can be personally interpreted. Communication is centered on
the model rather than on difficult to communicate thoughts, words, or ideas.

We each have our own language, peculiar to our heritage, education,
generation, and vocation. 3d printing can quickly unite many such cultures
(yes engineering is a culture) into one common understanding. That's
progress on many levels!

Wouldn't it be great if 3d printing could be applied to things other than
manufacturing and production....such as crime, health, and world peace.


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