e-mail dependability (non "RP" )

From: Nkin (Nkin@aol.com)
Date: Fri Oct 31 1997 - 15:50:22 EET


Occasionally, a posting response has made me wonder how I somehow missed the
original. Yesterday, I received several responses to my own "Re: unclear
expressions" posting and became more puzzled because I had never received a
copy of my own original message.

I had known e-mail is not completely private, but I thought the message was
always delivered or returned. Anyone know about the frequency with which
messages go undelivered?

Perhaps my problem is with oversubscription to AOL, and/or the Internet in
general. Seems that I 've gotten more flash-session error messages over the
last year. At times, my "mailbox" has indicated mail but the exchange was
"terminated because the host failed to respond" or "lost signal." Next
session sometimes results in no mail. Could that be an e-mail lost? (It
would be pretty annoying - and a weakness people should be aware of.)


If you're still with me Ian, you're absolutely correct - I used "RP" in the
heading because of convenience in this context. That doesn't mean I will
ever be satisfied with the limitations which are implicit with its use outside
of the prototyping community. Since the long-term success of the technology
will largely be determined by how many people use it, please don't be offended
if I note how many potential customers remain outside the the Prototyping
Community [sorry not to use "PC" - or even be "PC?" :) ].

Norm Kinzie

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