Tooling insert samples from NDM

From: New Design Models Inc. (
Date: Fri Oct 31 1997 - 14:44:07 EET

Last week I announced a new metal powder process as shown below:

New Design Models is pleased to announced a new Metal Powder Process.

"Production Tooling Inserts in 9 Days"

New Design Models (NDM) provides production material tooling inserts
using a proprietary 2 step powder metal process developed by Simeon
Bojilov. From your pattern or a pattern built by NDM, highly accurate
tooling inserts will be delivered in 9 days ......

I have received for information regarding my process as well as insert
samples. If you will provide me with a written confirmation, sent to me
by fax (315-492-3227 fax), we will ship insert samples to you.

You must provide me with your name, address, phone number, etc. Please
sign your request to guarantee that you will return to me the samples
within 2 days after receiving the samples.

Simeon Bojilov
NDM, Inc.
315-492-2933 voice
315-492-3227 fax

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