Materialise Product Announcement at Autofact

From: Mark Bliek (
Date: Sat Nov 01 1997 - 01:48:56 EET


At Autofact (Detroit, November 3-6) Materialise will introduce its new
support generator for stereolithography machines, running on Silicon
Graphics, Windows 95, Windows NT (with native support for Pentium and Alpha
processors). Its newly designed Windows based interface has also been used
for the Silicon Graphics version. The automated support generator allows
for 7 different support types, allowing the program to find the most
optimal solution for any geometry.

With the new support generator the MAGICS software is now covering the
whole area of file preparation for Rapid Prototyping equipment with an
unmatched set of tools.

MAGICS capabilities now include:

* IGES/VDA conversion
* automated STL repair tools: stitching, gap filling, normal adjustment
* removal of double surfaces
* filling of missing surfaces
* creation of a single shell object out of multiple intersecting shells
* add machine stock to surfaces
* easy build setup with automated nesting and collision detection
* build time calculation
* cutting and Boolean operations for tooling purposes
* support generation
* triangle reduction
* hollowing capabilities
* measuring tools with feature recognition
* slice preview
* slicing
* creation of primitives like cylinder, sphere, box, cone, prism, pyramid
* online help with tutorial

MAGICS will be demonstrated during Autofact at booth # 547.

6111 Jackson Road Kapeldreef 60
Ann Arbor, MI 48103 3001 Heverlee
phone (313) 662 5057 (32) 16 298364
fax (313) 662 7891 (32) 16 298319

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