RE: Metal Spray Tooling

From: Huang Zhaohong (
Date: Mon Nov 03 1997 - 03:20:43 EET


I'm very interested in spraying steels directly onto SLA. Are there any
specific requirements for steel (say, low carbon etc) or release agent
(other than PVA)? I need more detail about the process.


Huang Zhaohong

>From: Halford, Ben[]
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>Subject: RE: Metal Spray Tooling
>PVA or Taffa Black will be your best bets, but my expectations are that
>Al will peel off the SLA by about 0.15 mm rather then 2 mm. The issues
>CTE and Tm make Al a very nasty substance to work with - oh and check
>H&S regarding extraction and explosions . As an aside we regularly
>steels directly onto SLA up to 1mm thick. Greater thicknesses are
>but again the tendency for the shell to curl is the limiting factor.
>Ben Halford
>PERA Technology
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>From: Phil Malone
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>Subject: Metal Spray Tooling
>Date: 29 October 1997 15:07
>To fellow RPers,
>I am about to run an experiment using Arc Spray where by I will use an
>aluminium spray onto a SLA part to a thickness of approx. 1 to 2 mm
>back this up with zinc spray . The finished article will hopefully be a
>core and cavity for an injection moulded part .
>Anticipated problem: -Release agent , what should I use to split the
>part out of the Sprayed shell ?
>Has any one had experience with this method .
>Looking forward to a response
>Phil Malone

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