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Date: Mon Nov 03 1997 - 18:48:33 EET

     Hi Rick
     I'm Doug White at Polaroid Corp.
     We used Pers Mach/Des for a number of years also.
     We felt it was best at the time, but times change & CV left us.
     We went to SmartCAM for a while & now they have been buoght by SDRC.
     Our new stuff is now Solid works & Vitual Gibbs.
     We have been phasing in Solid Works this year & will be going to
     Virtual Gibbs CAM in '98.
     There are alot of options out there at the same level of ease of use.
     Solid Works has had a short learning curve & VG seems good too.
     Computer Aided Design Report is a great resourse for comparison
     shopping. They cover all the market & give excellent data.
     They are put out by CAD/CAM Publishing.
     Web site : http//
     In the end you need to go with the system your people are comfortable
     The market has opened wide & you just have to look at a few & go with
     Doug W

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Subject: CAM Software
Author: Rick Harrington <> at
Date: 10/30/97 8:56 AM

Hello All,
We are in the process of upgrading our CAM software.
We currently use Computervision's Personal Designer/Personal Machinist.
When we purchased this product, it was, we believed, one of the best
CAD/CAM Solutions for a PC. It is still, we believe, very good with
surfaces. We've used this product for 5 years and it appears that
Computervision has abandoned it. The only changes made to the product
since purchase has been a menu upgrade and an upgrade to allow the product
to run under Win 95 (we have had little success in making this happen). We
decided we needed a product that the manufacturer would throw resources
towards. A product that is not hard to find support for. A product that
is being worked on. A product that competes with other products that are
Since our purchase, there are many more products that will run well on a
PC under NT.
I'm looking for published info on comparison of the products that will run
under NT. I would also like to know how others may have dealt with similar
Can anyone help.
Thanks in advance.
Rick Harrington
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