Viewing bw3 Supports

From: vijay (
Date: Mon Nov 03 1997 - 20:03:02 EET

Hi RPers
I am facing a problem viewing bw3 supports. Till now we viewed bw3
supports using a very old software called 3dview which 3D doesnot
support anymore.With the upcoming copmputers upgrade I will no longer
be able to use 3dview.I still want to stick with bw3. Vista is not my
option.Any body out there facing similar situtation and how you are
viewing the bw3 supports. The other thing is I want to view these supports
on SGI. Any software or any other suggestion will be of great help.
Vijay K. Sharma

Vijay K. Sharma				Scicon Technologies		        TEL(805)295-8630

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