New Position

Date: Wed Nov 05 1997 - 02:47:59 EET

Hello RPers,

This is to inform you all of the new position I resently accepted. I left
Pratt & Whitney after 17.5 years looking for better opportunities in RP. My
new position is Senior Designer at Coulter Corporation In Florida. Here my
main concern will be working delveloping rapid tooling and low cost tooling
for Coulter. This position and phone information may sound familar to many of
you out ther. I have taken over the position that Jim Harrison had vacated. I
would appreciate any info sent or fax to related to these topics above.


Guy E. Bourdeau
Coulter Corp.
11800 SW 147th Ave
Mailcode: 12-A02
Miami, FL. 33196-2500

Phone: (305) 380-3806
Fax: (305) 380-4571
Temporary Email:

P.S. Hey Steve Deak you making any new toys lately, save one for me.

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