Re: SolidWorks v SolidEdge ( parasolidvparasolid??) CAD question

From: Mark Bannister (
Date: Fri Nov 07 1997 - 00:29:25 EET

Mr. Jamieson:
There is a complete discussion of this topic, adnauseum, on the newsgroup
comp.cad.solidworks. wrote:

> Hi,
> I have been testing SolidWorks and SolidEdge. Both are good products
> and until very recently I new one had Parasolid as its kernel while
> the other used acis (aces)? Now that EDS are merging with Intergraph
> and Dassault have bought out SolidWorks, things are a little murky.
> EDS own Parasolid; the kernel of SolidWorks but also now its main
> rival SolidEdge; which was Intergraphs product ( running acis).
> SolidEdge have announced that parasolid will be their kernel from v5
> onwards( approx early next year ). EDS are happy to licence
> SolidWorks with parasolid and indeed two new customers. My question
> is, is it likely that SolidWorks will stay with parasolid? I ask this
> because I also hear that Dassault ( or IBM) are developing a new
> solid modeller which may or may not be as robust as parasolid. This
> raises issues of the continued good functionality of SolidWorks and
> of course legacy data. Will we see the full data tree and be able to
> fully access older designs? Any comments from you SolidWorks users out
> there??
> ps I also hear that PTC have bought out Computervision!? A
> rationalisation of the Industry?
> Regards
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