Re: 2D Digital Photograph to STL File

From: Saty Raghavachary (
Date: Fri Nov 07 1997 - 00:08:56 EET

On Nov 6, 2:52pm, MR ALBIN A HASTBACKA wrote:
> Subject: 2D Digital Photograph to STL File
> -- [ From: Al Hastbacka * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --
> At the AUTOFACT conference, one of the companies showed a system for
> converting photographs from a digital camera (.BMP files) to commands to
> drive a small milling machine. The milling machine would then engrave
> the picture into a small brass piece.
> The quality of the engraving was quite acceptable.
> My question is, does anyone on the list know of a software package that
> can do the equivalent of this function, but do a conversion to an STL
> file or DXF file so that the engraving could be made on an RP system?
> Regards,
> Al Hastbacka
>-- End of excerpt from MR ALBIN A HASTBACKA

One thing to quickly try would be to use an image as a
displacement map in an package such as Alias PowerAnimator
to displace a fine grid (NURBS or polymesh) and then output
the result as a .stl file.

I have Alias on my machine but don't have access to an RP
system :-( If someone wants a .stl file to try this out I could
post one to this mailing list.. Let me know.




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