From: Pedro Garayo Olarra (
Date: Mon Nov 10 1997 - 13:50:57 EET

Recently, we've had a visit from Brad Fox from Rapid Design Technologies
to our country. He's come to one of the less industrialized areas of our
country. We are really fighting to get industry here and we are quite
having success. Rapid Product Development is quite new for us and we might
have a delay with respect to other rich countries.

I would like Brad Fox to tell to this mailing list about the situation of
Spain in regard to RPD and related techniques. Also I would like him to
speak about our technological level.
Brad, where you surprised about Spain, or you were disappointed?
In which direction do you think we are going?

I think this is interesting for the list since we are in a growing Global
Market. Some people might not be knowing Spain is a leading country (with
still a lot of work to do). I also encourage spanish people to participate
in this mailing list.

Pedro Garayo
Research Engineer
Parque Tecnologico de Boecillo.P 209.
Boecillo 47151 Valladolid. SPAIN.
tel: 34-83-548035
fax: 34-83-548062

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