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Date: Mon Nov 10 1997 - 20:37:19 EET


I remember 3dview had a few VERY HANDY utilities which were lost when 3D
Systems released their new "Partman" and "View" program. The transition
occurred when the SGI IRIX version 4.0 and above (I think, its been a
while ago) became the minimum operating system for 3D System's software.
I had obtained from 3D Systems Customer Support a recompiled 3dview
program which worked until IRIX 5.0. After that, I had become
accustomed to the new software and learned to live without (or work
around) the NEAT UTILITIES of 3dview.

Check with 3D Systems, maybe they have recompiled 3dview for the IRIX
operating system you are using.

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> Subject: Viewing bw3 Supports
> Hi RPers
> I am facing a problem viewing bw3 supports. Till now we viewed bw3
> supports using a very old software called 3dview which 3D doesnot
> support anymore.With the upcoming copmputers upgrade I will no longer
> be able to use 3dview.I still want to stick with bw3. Vista is not my
> option.Any body out there facing similar situtation and how you are
> viewing the bw3 supports. The other thing is I want to view these
> supports
> on SGI. Any software or any other suggestion will be of great help.
> Thanks
> Vijay K. Sharma
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