Rapid Product Devolpment Services

From: Roald Karlsen (roald.karlsen@protek.unit.no)
Date: Tue Nov 11 1997 - 13:25:50 EET

Hello RP,ers

I am looking for bureaux offering Rapid Product Devolpment Services
(not suppliers). Of special interset is CAD (particularly SDRC I-Deas)
, CAM, CAE, Rapid Tooling, and Mechatronics (rapid prototyping services
are not so important this time ! ). I am using the web as information source,
so if you can supply me with their web-site address, I am most grateful.

Thanks in advance
Roald Karlsen
SINTEF - Production Engineering
Rich. Birkelandsvei 2b
7034 Trondheim

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