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From: Guy Allen Brady (
Date: Tue Nov 11 1997 - 15:56:18 EET

On Tue, 11 Nov 1997, Murphy, Matt wrote:
> Does anyone have any information / references for work done on the use of
> ceramic filled resins in SLA or similar photo-curing process.
> I am particularly interested in work involving resins with more than 50%
> vol. ceramic (well, more than 50% vol of anything will do really)

Well, now, this is a nice surprise. I've been working on
Stereolithography of Ceramics for the past 2+ years. My suspensions are
50vol% Alumina in a photocurable resin. There are two others groups (at
Universities) and one other company doing development in this area (SLA)

Here are a few references:
Hongmei Liao, and Thomas W. Coyle, "Photoactive Suspensions for
Stereolithography of Ceramics", J. Canadian Ceramic Society, v65 n4

Michelle L. Griffith, "Stereolithgraphy of Ceramics", Ph.D. Thesis,
University of Michigan, April, 1995.

Michelle L. Griffith and J. W. Halloran, "Free Form Fabrication of
Ceramics by Stereolithography", J. Am. Cer. Soc. v79 pp2601-8 (1996).

G. Allen Brady, T-M. Chu, and J.W. Halloran, "Curing Behavior of
Ceramic Resin for Stereolithography" in Solid Free Form Fabrication
Proceedings J.J. Beaman, J.W. Barlow, D.L. Bourell, and R.H. Crawford
(eds) 1996 SFF Symposium, Austin Texas, pp403-10.

Michelle. L. Griffith and J. W. Halloran, "Scattering of Ultraviolet
Radiation in Turbid Ceramic Suspensions", J. Applied Physics , v81
pp2538-2546 (1997).

G. Allen Brady and J. W. Halloran, "Stereolithography of Ceramic
Suspensions", Rapid Prototyping Journal, v3 n2 pp61-65 (1997).

Hope this helps,
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