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Date: Tue Nov 11 1997 - 20:39:19 EET

Ref: Al Hastbacka, 6th November

The process of taking a .bmp file and automatically converting
it to 3D for engraving is very simple. Each pixel within the
.bmp image is converted to grey scale and assigned a Z height.
The darker the pixel the higher the Z height.

This process will only work for images that do not contain
any shadows or highlights. The engraving will only 'appear
realistic' for very low Z ranges. Typically, this process
engraves to a depth of 0.2mm, which is very shallow and if
the Z heights used are increased the end result will

Delcam have developed a product named ArtCAM that takes
a .bmp (tif, jpeg, gif etc) image and converts it into 3D.
The end result can then be modified by raising or lowering
specific portions of the 3D model, and cutterpaths calculated
for engraving.

The 3D ArtCAM model can also be imported into another Delcam
product named CopyCAD. Where it can be saved as an STL file
for use with an RP system.

For more information visit the Delcam Web Site
Or contact either Paul Brennan ( or
Tony McKenzie ( on (UK) 0121 766 55 44




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