Somos 7100 Resin

From: Mark Davis (
Date: Wed Nov 12 1997 - 05:18:01 EET

We have just recently switched one of our SLA 500's to SOMOS 7100 Resin. So
far we are very pleased with the results. Our build speed has increased
approx. 28-40%, which confirms the results of my benchmark tests done prior
to switching resins. The defaults provided by duPont worked for the most
part, however I did adjust Dp & Ec a little per Windowpanes and we have also
adjusted some of our build and recoat styles. The part accuracy seems to be
every bit as good as SL 5180 parts. We have seen real improvements in
support removal and sidewall smoothness. The only negative is that parts
seem softer when first removed from the machine, however normal post
processing brings them up to the mechanical properties we,re used to
seeing.The finished parts are working out fine for finishing quality and
dimensional stability so far.

Mark C. Davis
Arrk Creative Network

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