Re: Info needed : STL file toolkit

Date: Wed Nov 12 1997 - 16:47:26 EET

Hello Yiannis,
Imageware does have several offices in Europe. Southern Europe, including
Greece, is handled through our Belgian office:
Coremansstraat 34,
2600 Antwerp, Belgium

You can also contact our Greek distributor, InfoCAD
Contact: Nikos Alivanistos
Phone: (301) 68.04.873.5
Fax: (301) 68.96917

"RPM" is sold directly through Imageware and its distributors. It is also
sold as "LOMWizard" by Helisys.
3D Systems no longer carries their customized version of RPM, "SL

Hope this helps,
Tad Fox
Marketing Manager
Imageware Corporation

Yiannis Kotselis <> on 11/13/97 09:06:47 AM

To: "'RP mailing list'" <>
cc: (bcc: Tad Fox/US/Imageware)
Subject: Info needed : STL file toolkit

Hi every1,
     I'm looking for a software that can handle stl files (boolean, fix
etc.) I've heard about Imageware PRM software that has been released in
Europe by the name 3D toolkit. I couldn't find any info in 3DSystems web
site though. Imageware informed me that it has been also released by
Helisys under the name LOMtool (couldn't find info in Helisys web page
     Could somebody help me out on this, by giving me any opinions and
contacts? Opinions on Materialize Magics RP software would be also
John Kotselis
Research assistant
Lab for Manufacturing Systes
Mechanical & Aeronautics Department
University of Patras GREECE
e-mail address :

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