RE: Info needed : STL file toolkit

From: Vicki Billings (
Date: Wed Nov 12 1997 - 18:39:23 EET

Hi John,

You can purchase LOMWizard from Helisys. Sorry we haven't put info on
the Web site yet; however, you can request information from the hot link
on our site ( or you can call us at (888) 515-8585.
Bob Mossler will be happy to help you with that request.

Thanks for the inquiry,

Vicki Billings
Director of Marketing
Helisys, Inc.
24015 Garnier Street
Torrance, CA 90505 USA
310-891-0600 x-242
310-891-0626 FAX

>From: Yiannis Kotselis[]
>Sent: Wednesday, November 12, 1997 10:06 AM
>To: 'RP mailing list'
>Subject: Info needed : STL file toolkit
>Hi every1,
> I'm looking for a software that can handle stl files (boolean, fix etc.)
>I've heard about Imageware PRM software that has been released in Europe by
>the name 3D toolkit. I couldn't find any info in 3DSystems web site though.
>Imageware informed me that it has been also released by Helisys under the
>name LOMtool (couldn't find info in Helisys web page either)
> Could somebody help me out on this, by giving me any opinions and contacts?
>Opinions on Materialize Magics RP software would be also appeciated.
>John Kotselis
>Research assistant
>Lab for Manufacturing Systes
>Mechanical & Aeronautics Department
>University of Patras GREECE
>e-mail address :

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