Re: Green-body fabrication technique comparison

From: Kai Uwe Koch (
Date: Thu Nov 13 1997 - 09:26:25 EET

On Tue, 11 Nov 1997, Marshall Burns wrote:

> What are the relative pros and cons of the various techniques for
> fabricating green bodies of either ceramics or metals? The techniques that must
> be considered include direct fabrication of the green body:
> - Selective photocuring of a photopolymer/powder suspension (SLA)
> - Laser sintering of polymer-coated powders (SLS),
> - Extrusion of a polymer/powder paste (FDM),
> - Lamination of polymer/powder tapes (LOM),
> - and perhaps some other direct techniques.

Hey RP'ler,

one other technique which should be taken into account is the Multiphase
Jet Solidification (MJS) process. This process was developed at two
Fraunhofer Research Institutes: IFAM at Bremen and IPA at Stuttgart,
The MJS technology extrude powder-binder mixtures (metal and ceramics)
through an x-y-z controlled jet and green parts are so fabricated layer by
layer up to final extension. The final part is available after debinding
and sintering. At the moment exists four machines worldwide. One of these
machines is located at the Fraunhofer Ressource Centre Delaware, Newark


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