Rapid Mold Making

From: Pedro Garayo Olarra (pedgar@cidaut.eis.uva.es)
Date: Thu Nov 13 1997 - 22:35:27 EET

Hi rpmlers,

I have some questions related to rapid mold making techniques. I'm only
interested on injection molding, but any help on other molding process is
Specially, I'm interested in direct tooling methods and any bridge
tooling method.

What's the most probable failure mechanism for a cavitie made of resin
(epoxi or PU)? Is it fatigue, impact at the gate ...? And for a cavities
made of Aluminum or any other alloy (Cu-Be, Zn-Al...)?

Is LOM used to make master patterns for investment casting?

How good is 3DPrinting for Investment casting?

Where can I find info on RTV processes?

What are the main problems in using Spray metal and any back filling to
make molds? Again, what's the most probable failure mechanism?

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