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Date: Fri Nov 14 1997 - 13:16:25 EET

At 21:35 +0100 13/11/97, Pedro Garayo Olarra wrote:

>Is LOM used to make master patterns for investment casting?

LOM patterns are better used for sandcasting, as far as I'm aware, since
for investment-casting they leave lots of residual ash. In our view, the
best investment casting pattern material currently available from RP
systems is sintered polystyrene. This material is available for now only on
the EOSINT P350 machine, which is not sold in the US & Canada. Since we are
a service bureau and own one of these machines, my words may be suspect, so
take it from an article recently published in a journal which states (my

"Research carried out at the IKP [part of the U. of Stuttgart, Germany] in
cooperation with BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and Bertrandt [a German RP SB], and
14 German foundries ..... suggests that in using sintered polystyrene as
pattern material [*], even foundries without any previous experience [of
using RP patterns], could utilize the new technology without any problems.
This is in contrast to the use of SLA patterns, where previous experience
of RP pattern burnout is essential."

[Karl-Heinz Dusel, U. of Stuttgart (IKP), Germany, in "La cera (persa)
ritrovata", Prototipazione e Produzione Rapida, Sept. 1997, Tecniche Nuove,
Milano, Italy]

[*] The research focussed on 6 RP pattern materials: SLA, SLS
(polycarbonate, Trueform, polystyrene), LOM paper, and FDM.

For more information about sintered polystyrene patterns for investment
casting, please contact us at the address below.

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