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Date: Mon Nov 17 1997 - 17:48:36 EET

STL files are still a problem. Most of the bad ones we see can be
attributed to "non-standard CAD practices". Another way to say that is
that our students ignore construction errors or warnings during the
solid modeling session. They figure that if it looks OK on the screen,
it must be fine.

I see the same thing from industry as well. Many of the companies that
I work with on design cycle optimization have high end CAD systems.
However, they tend to spend the money on hardware and software, but
neglect training issues. This becomes a real issue over several releases
of software with no update training for users.

The parametric/variational solid modelers are excellent tools that are
becoming easier to use, however knowledgeable users are the key. I see
modeling warnings/errors that are ignored from PTC/SDRC/Solidworks users
all the time. These types of errors can easily cause open STL files and
reversed normals.

Tim Gornet

Elaine T. Hunt wrote:

> Since we always return to this problem, I can't help wondering out
> loud.....
> Are STL files still a major problem? What is the current major RP
> problem?
> How do you repair your STL problems (3rd party software, CAD rework,
> service bureau, other)?
> Do STL problems prevent your using RP effectively?
> Does it cost, time, effort?
> If a service bureau repairs your they tell you, give you
> updated
> data?
> Can you use your CAD data on ANY RP system without problems? If no
> why?
> Which CAD systems produce the worst STL files?
> Has RP reached the limit of the STL file? Why?
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