Re: STL file toolkit

From: Mark Kottman (
Date: Mon Nov 17 1997 - 19:28:31 EET

Elaine T. Hunt wrote:
> Are STL files still a major problem? What is the current major RP problem?
> How do you repair your STL problems (3rd party software, CAD rework,
> service bureau, other)?
> Do STL problems prevent your using RP effectively?
> Does it cost, time, effort?
> If a service bureau repairs your they tell you, give you updated
> data?

I've written quite a few STL files from I-DEAS, and as far as I know
there have been no problems with them. If the service bureau is fixing
them, they haven't told me, nor have I experienced any delays or any
extra charges from them. They have used either SLA or SLS to produce
parts for us.

I hope you get good response to your questions, as I've wondered the
same things as I see all the postings about "repairing" STL files.

Mark Kottman
Kimball Int'l.

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