Re: Any DTM DuraForm User's out there?

From: Joe Schroeder (
Date: Tue Nov 18 1997 - 06:09:38 EET

tjgorn01 wrote:

> We are getting ready to order some of DTM's new DuraForm material. The
> parts that I have seen look really good with better surface finish and
> feature definition than the composite nylon we are running now. Any
> comments by any of the current users on the material properties, build
> speed, and processing of the DuraForm compared to the fine and
> composite
> nylons that I am using now? How about recycling as well. I know what
> has on their literature, but would like to hear from some of the
> users.
> Thanks,
> Tim
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> Tim Gornet Computer Aided Engineering Consultant


We have been using DuraForm for about two months now, and are very
excited about it.

It is very friendly in terms of SLS processing, does not curl (at all),
appears to melt completely in-build (i.e., is very dense) with little
"bonus Z" or X-Y growth, and yields ready-to-use parts right out of
rough breakout.

We're just completing our first request for a presentation quality
finish in DuraForm, and the
parts look beautiful after a couple hours' effort with standard bench

Build speed is good, aided by a less stringent cool-down requirement

We are building some really incredible parts with this stuff. It
reproduces fine detail much better than glass/nylon composite or even
fine nylon. DTM mentions an automotive
electrical connector part. This is a four piece assembly that slides,
snaps, locks, and clicks
together every which way. Our customer needed five sets for functional
testing to find out
whether the temperatures inside the connector housing would not melt it
at 100 Amps.
They expected temperatures to exceed 300 degress F during testing.
The parts were tested succesfully, saving literally months and over
$100K in tooling.

Duraform won't replace either Nylon Composite or Fine Nylon, but
definitely adds a valuable
(previously missing) piece to the RP puzzle.

Joe Schroeder
Gazelle Prototype, LLC
(616) 844 1820

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