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From: Marshall Burns (
Date: Tue Nov 18 1997 - 23:29:20 EET

AAROFLEX, Inc. wrote:

> Does anyone know of any resin producers besides Ciba-Geigy, Allied
> Signal and DuPont Somos? Are there any experimental stereolithography
> resins being designed by any research institutions or other

Dear Albert,

     All kinds! Resins have been offered commercially by Loctite, DSM, and
some others. Resins have been developed without commercial distribution by
Grace, Radcure, General Motors, and a whole lot of other folks. Many
universities have developed new resins; U Dayton is especially active in
this. There are at least five or ten companies in Japan with commercial
resins made for one system or the other, including some really interesting
specialty blends.

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Marshall Burns

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