Build-time estimators

From: Ian Gibson (
Date: Wed Nov 19 1997 - 14:47:36 EET

Hello everyone

The subject of build time estimators comes up now and again. One of my
research students has a rather unusual problem associated with this problem.
As some of you know, Gert Mensing is looking at problems associated with
prototyping large, bulky models. One possible way of dealing with this is to
extrapolate existing RP technology onto a large scale (i.e. what would
happen if an SLA machine was 2m cubed for example?). Aside from the obvious
practical problems, we believe that when existing RP machines become large,
they cease to be 'rapid'. We need to test this theory.

If we were to send some small .stl files of some simple components, is
anyone out there prepared to give us a build time estimate?

We are looking for estimates for a range of processes, particularly SLA, LOM
and FDM but others would be nice. We want reasonably accurate measurements
with some idea of % error and also, where possible, separate estimates that
take into account different process variables (i.e. where systems can vary
layer thickness, switch on/off outlining, etc.).

Thanks in advance


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