DTM(TM) Announces Two New Materials for Sand Casting

From: Yakov Horenstein (yakov@planet.it)
Date: Thu Nov 20 1997 - 19:41:23 EET

> DTM(TM) Announces Two New Materials for Sand Casting
> (PR Newswire; 11/20/97)
> SandForm(TM) Si and SandForm Zr II Developed for Direct Production
> of Molds for Ferrous and Aluminum Castings
> AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 20 /PRNewswire/ DTM Corporation (Nasdaq: DTMC)
>announced two new sand casting materials for the creation of sand molds
>including the cope and drag cavities, as well as cores for sand cast metal
>parts. These new DTM materials, known as SandForm Zr II and SandForm Si, are
>shell sand formulations of Zircon and Silica. Sand casting is used
>in the automotive, aerospace, and heavy equipment industries to produce
>castings in aluminum or ferrous metals. Typical products include combustion
>engines and components, and farm, construction, and mining machinery.
>Zr II and SandForm Si foundry sands are the latest additions to DTM's
>used for prototype manufacturing applications and are scheduled for
>availability in early December 1997.
[. . . ]
> The primary applications for DTM's SandForm materials for sand casting
>the creation of prototypes and the ability to support limited production
>both without permanent tooling. Users can quickly obtain prototypes of their
>designs in the final cast metal, an important advantage in the product design
>and development process. In specific applications where limited
>quantities are
>required, SandForm materials can be used for limited production runs. This
>provide a major economic benefit by avoiding the time and costs associated
>producing permanent tooling to obtain relatively small numbers of cast parts.
> The SLS process and SandForm materials offer a key advantage over
>traditional methods of producing sand cores and molds. SLS technology and
>additive layer manufacturing technique is particularly suited for the
>fabrication of parts with the types of complex geometries found in many
>automotive and aerospace applications. This allows users to avoid the
>time and costs associated with the production of traditional tooling,
>through CNC machining, to create complex sand cores and molds.
> Key characteristics of parts produced using either Sand Form Zr or
>Si include formulations comprised of standard shell sands with phenolic
>binders. Broken features on SandForm cores and/or molds can be repaired and
>assemblies joined with the use of standard core glue. Minimum feature size
>attainable with both SandForm Foundry Sands is 1.0mm (0.040 in) and typical
>dimensional tolerances are plus/minus 0.5mm (plus/minus 0.020 in) with
>substantially tighter tolerances possible on small parts.
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