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Date: Fri Nov 21 1997 - 19:11:13 EET

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>From: Steve Stewart <>
>Subject: Off-topic: Accounting software
>Hello, all (specifically rp service bureaus)-
>If anybody is willing to comment: we are looking for a good accounting
>package to run our business. The one we're using is horrible and doesn't
>fit the custom nature of the rapid prototyping and urethane casting
>business. So, we have to evaluate new packages.
Just a comment, is this really off-topic? I think the business aspect of the
industry is sometimes overlooked and is as important as build time
estimators, material specifications, etc.

Cuurious as to what you are currently using? Peachtree is a very inexpensive
off the shelf software that could work very well. It is good for smaller to
medium sized companies but can get bogged down if your transaction level is
high. Some of the mid-range packages include McCullough, Great Plains,
Solomon..... IMHO I do not recommend Solomon due to the customer support and
some problems we experienced.

Each year there are some reviews in some of the PC magazines covering cost,
features and pitfalls with each of the accounting softwares available.
Recommend finding that
then picking two or three to have in for demonstrations. Make sure to get
referrals of clients that have implemented their software and ask to do a
blind trial with their customer service group to see how well they handle a
mock problem. Support during the transition period is critical of course.

That's about it, good luck on what can be a vexing problem.


Kevin Robertson
ARRK Creative Network
San Diego, CA USA

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