Actua built parts used to create investment cast RP tooling for injection molding of wax

From: Kevin Dyer (
Date: Mon Nov 24 1997 - 21:29:12 EET

To the RP community:

American Industrial Casting (AIC) of Cranston, Rhode Island and InterPRO
Rapid Technologies of Deep River, Connecticut had previously
demonstrated that Actua 2100 thermoplastic patterns were ideal for
economically producing a few nonferrous alloy investment castings by
AIC's two-day solid mold process.

For a customer that needed several hundred 4" x 1" x 5/8" precision
investment cast parts to be produced quickly and economically, AIC
worked concurrently with a 3D CAD engineering firm to quickly design a
seven piece rapid prototyped (RP) injection mold from a customer's 3D
CAD design of his part.

AIC contracted with InterPRO Rapid Technologies to produce, by Actua,
patterns for one of the three tool sets built experimentally. InterPRO
built the Actua patterns for all seven tool componants at once on a
single platform to save time and expense.

AIC cast the three sets of tool parts in beryllium copper alloy, then
polished and fitted the seven part sets into working RP tools. AIC
injection molded a few hundred waxes, then cast them in A356 aluminum
alloy using AIC's two-day solid mold process.

The final castings were within the customer's required tolerances. The
procedure was repeated using Actua 2100 patterns for producing an RP
tool for the other "hand" of the part, with only minor changes to the RP
tool design to improve accuracy.

We would be glad to discuss this and other Actua applications with any
and all who are interested.

Best regards,

Kevin Dyer
InterPRO Rapid Technologies,630 Industrial Park Rd, Deep River, CT 06413
voice (860)526-5869
fax (860)526-8056

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