Re: "In all things give thanks..." (non-rp)

From: David Retallick (
Date: Tue Nov 25 1997 - 19:31:36 EET

> In this season of Thanksgiving may we continue to be thankful for the
> many blessings we receive in this great Nation, in our business
> endeavors and in our lives.
> We give thanks to God for life, family and Nation.
> We give thanks for the freedom and opportunity to venture forth in our
> own individual way to succeed in our endeavors.
> We give thanks for those loved ones who stand behind us as we live out
> our dreams.
> We give thanks for the education, talents, insights and inspirations of
> those who help our dreams come true.
> We give thanks for the little miracles which brighten our day and give
> us hope for the future.
> We give thanks for the wisdom passed on by those who came before us.
> We give thanks for the enthusiasm and drive of those who follow our
> footsteps.
> We give thanks for the insight to learn from our mistakes.
> We give thanks for the strength to stand by the truth.
> We give thanks for the candor of effective communication.
> We give thanks for the visions of innovation and discovery.
> We give thanks for the foundations of science and technology by which we
> earn our livelihood.
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At times, I was led to believe that I was a little out of the ordinary,
but this takes the biscuit...

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