From: Pedro Garayo Olarra (
Date: Tue Nov 25 1997 - 21:37:15 EET

Hi rpmlers,

I need information on the following:
Machine names and max build sizes in all systems:
SLA, SLS, LOM, FDM, SGC, 3DP, MJP...(and machine PRICES full equipped)
Also, I need materials they can use (I would appreciate not only the
commercial names but also something on their composition).
I've read in this list lots of things about build time estimators, but...
can somebody tell me relatively speaking the speed of the different
I also need (I know it, I need too much...) to know what are the systems
best suitable for:
1- RTV mold making
2- Investment casting
3- Sand casting
4- Direct Tooling
5- Master Patterns in general

Of course, I'm asking for opinions. I mean, you could be telling me: I've
used LOM for investment casting and it's worked very well except for...

Is this too much? I don't think so since we are a big list.
If you want to know this is to inform my business and get the financial
department going.

Pedro Garayo
Research Engineer
Parque Tecnologico de Boecillo.P 209.
Boecillo 47151 Valladolid. SPAIN.
tel: 34-83-548035
fax: 34-83-548062

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