Rapid prototyping of PEEK

From: Ulf Jonsson (ulf.jonsson@mt.luth.se)
Date: Wed Nov 26 1997 - 01:06:08 EET


I have a problem in manufacturing a part out of PEEK or any other polymer
that can withstand ammonia and mineral oil up to 70 deg C and still have
reasonable mechanical properties. I have made some test cutting unfilled
PEEK and GF-Nylon with laser without achieving a useful result. We have also
tried with a part made from a casting in a PU mould but that material,
(ABS?) turned from a brittle quite strong plastic into something more like a
hard rubber. It did also change it's dimensions.

Any help is very appreciated,

Ulf Jonsson
Luleċ University of Technology, Mechanical Engineering, SE-971 87 LULEĊ, SWEDEN
tel +46-920-72003, fax +46-920-91047,

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