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From: Hodder, David J (
Date: Mon Dec 01 1997 - 21:54:51 EET

Dear Santa, I've been very good this year and done lots of work on neat
stuff, but a lot of old-fashioned so-called 'Grown-Up's' keep telling me
to stop bothering them 'cos they see no need to save time and money by
What I really need is for you to send us a 10 km. diameter
asteroid/comet/meteor or anything that is very heavy and travelling at
about 40 km/sec on a collision course with this planet, and which will
cause the mass extinction of these dinosaurs.
Thank you very much for the hard-hat you gave me last year - I hope it
will come in handy soon.
        'Igne et Ferris Vigimus'
Boeing Philadelphia Prototyping Center,
    Produce arm of Phantom Works.

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> I thought I'd beat Elaine to the punch. Now that Thanksgiving is over,
> what
> about a Christmas wish list? Assuming you've all been good little
> rapid
> prototypers, if you could ask Santa for one thing, what would it be?
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