Re: RP & Footware

From: Brad Fox (
Date: Wed Dec 03 1997 - 15:59:50 EET


>The idea of laser scanning a foot and using this data to custom-manufacture
>an inner sole or support is not new, but I've yet to see anyone make a
>business of it on a large-scale, consumer basis. What Foot Locker doing?
>Terry Wohlers
>Wohlers Associates, Inc.

There is a major work boot and shoe manufacturer who in conjunction with
another company has developed a fully operational foot scanner. Because they
have not yet made their plans formal, I won't mention the name without their
prior knowledge. However, this scanner will be traveling the country
capturing scans of thousands of people. It will go to malls, shopping
centers, etc. The data will be used by the company for various reasons, but
primarily for research purposes.

Brad Fox
Rapid Design Technologies Corp.

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