Spray metal on various rp processes

From: zedand00 (zedand00@sound.net)
Date: Wed Dec 03 1997 - 21:54:49 EET

Dear rpml,

I am wondering what people's experience with spray metal on rp parts is.
I am interested to know if the metal makes the parts more robust and
durable. Has anyone used spray metal and then worked the metal surface
to polish(no stair steps)? Which processes can accept metal, which ones

Also, there is a local craftsperson here in KC who silvers mirrors. He
uses a spray rig to coat one side of the mirror and then seals the coat
with black lacquer. This is not an electro static process. Does anyone
have experience with such a thing? Would it stick to stereolith or other
type parts?

THanks for any responses.


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