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William LeBlanc wrote:

> Dear RP World,
> I am looking for the linear thermal coefficient of expansion (TCE)
> of silicone, more specifically Dow Corning Silastic M. I am trying
> to evaluate the expansion of a part made of silicone when subjected
> to a temperature of approx. 60 C.
> Thank you in advance for any information on this subject!
> Note: I have already tried Dow Corning customer support and all I got
> was a @+/-!#?&*)!!/" service. Maybe it's the igloo's!
> Regards,
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I have been working with Silicone molds for over a decade and in all of
my attempts to get TCE's no progress has been made. Dow Silastic "E",
which is primarly for government consumption, does have TCE information
avialiable. Shin Etsu has TCE's on some of thier silicones but I'm not
sure of which ones in the U.S. I do not know of any other silicones off

If any information is avialiable on other silicones I would be very


Carl Dekker

P.S. Bob Kelly - If your listening, I'm still waiting for your test

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