RE: high temperature SLA resin

From: Masuo Namme (
Date: Fri Dec 05 1997 - 22:37:44 EET

Vincent Lin wrote;
> We want to use SLA part to do function test in high
> temperature enviroment.(80-100 deg C)
> Does anybody have this kind of experience?
> Are there SLA resins which can sustain high temperature?
> Any suggestion would be appreciated.


We have many experiences in making the high heat resistance model by
Stereolithography of Teijin's SOLIFORM with resin of TSR753 which heat
resistance is 250 degrees centigrade supplied by the same company.
We make the injection tools and engine parts from that resin.
The manifolds that we make by this way were mounted on the prototype engines
stand for the few hours test at 6,000rpm.

Masuo Namme
Shonan Design Co.,Ltd.

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