RP Groups Worldwide

From: Terry T. Wohlers (twohlers@compuserve.com)
Date: Sat Dec 06 1997 - 18:20:28 EET

Dr. Ian Gibson of the University of Hong Kong and I are compiling a list of
RP-related groups and associations worldwide. If you know of other
national groups that we should add to the following list, please let us
know. We prefer to obtain e-mail addresses for each of them. Thanks!

Terry Wohlers
Wohlers Associates, Inc.

RP Associations/Societies/Groups (listed at random)

French Rapid Prototyping Association (AFPR)
Professor Alain BERNARD
Vice President of AFPR

Japanese Association of Rapid Prototyping Industry (JARI)
Professor Takeo Nakagawa
joe@cc.iis.u-tokyo.ac.jp (Yi Xu)

Chinese RPM Association
Professor Yongnian Yan

Italian Rapid Prototyping Association (APRI)
Ms. Gabriella Marinsek, Chair

Australia’s Queensland Manufacturing Institute (QMI)
Mr. Scott Loose, CEO

UK’s Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Association (RPMA)
Mr. G. P. Tromans, Chairman of RPMA
Fax (44) 1203 524878

NC Gesellschaft (Germany)
Mr. Thomas Pflug
Fax 07 31/55 27 57

Hong Kong Society for Rapid Prototyping and Tooling
Dr. Ian Gibson

USA’s Rapid Prototyping Association of the Society of Manufacturing
Engineers (RPA/SME)
Mr. Clint Atwood, 1997 Chairman
Ms. Kristen Dudash, Association Manager

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