Re: RP & Footware

Date: Mon Dec 08 1997 - 06:50:53 EET

This foot thing is starting to get a little ingrown...

Several weeks ago I wrote,

> If anyone is interested in who made this box, please e-mail me directly
> and I will try and find one in town and get the manufacturer. I know the
> big shop that used the system went broke.....
> Charles

I received several replys and thought that I should do the leg work.
Sorry it took so long but things are busy and I was the sole

So, regarding a commercially available foot scanning and milling device.
I pulled the orthotics out of my ski boots to discover, odiferously,
that the company is:


they can be seen at

The site is a little flat but it does give one good link toe Very little information on the foot scanner but with a
name like FOOTFAX I am surprised it has not made the company a little
more well heeled. Still a relatively mature application that has
sidestepped a lot of the technical problems by using less sophisticated

.... Sorry... really terrible humor.


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