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From: Kai Loose (
Date: Tue Dec 09 1997 - 07:21:48 EET

Plese note, that Prof. Takeo Nakagawa of Univ. of Tokyo is not the contact of the Japan Association of Rapid Prototyping Industry - JARI. It is rather:

Mr. Katsuma Nakagawa
Secretary General
Tel: +-81-(0)44-813-8700
Fax: +-81-(0)44-813-3218

These are the numbers at TEIJIN SEIKI since Mr. K. Nakagawa is Director of TEIJIN SEIKI. I still do not know his e-mail address though. . .


Kai Loose

At 11:20 AM 12/6/97 -0500, you wrote:
+AD4-Dr. Ian Gibson of the University of Hong Kong and I are compiling a list of
+AD4-RP-related groups and associations worldwide. If you know of other
+AD4-national groups that we should add to the following list, please let us
+AD4-know. We prefer to obtain e-mail addresses for each of them. Thanks+ACE-
+AD4-Terry Wohlers
+AD4-Wohlers Associates, Inc.
+AD4-RP Associations/Societies/Groups (listed at random)
+AD4-French Rapid Prototyping Association (AFPR)
+AD4-Professor Alain BERNARD
+AD4-Vice President of AFPR
+AD4-Japanese Association of Rapid Prototyping Industry (JARI)
+AD4-Professor Takeo Nakagawa (Yi Xu)
+AD4-Chinese RPM Association
+AD4-Professor Yongnian Yan
+AD4-Italian Rapid Prototyping Association (APRI)
+AD4-Ms. Gabriella Marinsek, Chair
+AD4-Australia's Queensland Manufacturing Institute (QMI)
+AD4-Mr. Scott Loose, CEO
+AD4-UK's Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Association (RPMA)
+AD4-Mr. G. P. Tromans, Chairman of RPMA
+AD4-Fax (44) 1203 524878
+AD4-NC Gesellschaft (Germany)
+AD4-Mr. Thomas Pflug
+AD4-Fax 07 31/55 27 57
+AD4-Hong Kong Society for Rapid Prototyping and Tooling
+AD4-Dr. Ian Gibson
+AD4-USA's Rapid Prototyping Association of the Society of Manufacturing
+AD4-Engineers (RPA/SME)
+AD4-Mr. Clint Atwood, 1997 Chairman
+AD4-Ms. Kristen Dudash, Association Manager

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