Re: Thermoplastic components from silicone tooling

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Date: Tue Dec 09 1997 - 12:38:35 EET


Anthony Venus published a paper on this subject at the 2nd National
Conference on Developments in Rapid Prototyping and Tooling.
He injected LDPE, 30% glass filled PP and polyamide into a metal filled
silicone rubber tool.
He says that he injected 30 parts at injection temperatures ranging from
200 celsius for the LDPE to 310 for the PA. The parts "suffered from
excessive flash and thickening due to the injection pressure". The
injection pressure is quoted as 25MPa and a clamping pressure of 10MPa.
The silicone rubber was cast into a steel bolster. Cycle times were 8 to
10 minutes.
The silicone rubber that he used was MCP KE1300T, and filled with an
unspecified metal powder at weights from 109 to 168%.
This paper was published about a year ago, and was I believe only the
start of a study, so it may be worth contacting him directly. His email
address is and their web page is
Just out of interest, have you tried direct aim?


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