Re: high temperature SLA resin

From: Dan Sammons (
Date: Tue Dec 09 1997 - 23:35:07 EET


Greetings. We have been using Dupont's Somos resins in all of our SLA machines
with great results. The heat resistance for the Somos material has been a
benefit to many of our customers as well as the other properties the resin

By thermally treating the SLA parts (post processing) we achieve the following

SLA250 Somos 7110 ~87 degrees C

SLA350 Somos 7120 ~85 degress C

SLA500 Somos 7100 ~102 degress C

Dan Sammons

> Vincent Lin wrote;
> > We want to use SLA part to do function test in high
> > temperature enviroment.(80-100 deg C)
> >
> > Does anybody have this kind of experience?
> > Are there SLA resins which can sustain high temperature?
> >
> > Any suggestion would be appreciated.
> >
> Hi,
> We have many experiences in making the high heat resistance model by
> Stereolithography of Teijin's SOLIFORM with resin of TSR753 which heat
> resistance is 250 degrees centigrade supplied by the same company.
> We make the injection tools and engine parts from that resin.
> The manifolds that we make by this way were mounted on the prototype engines
> and
> stand for the few hours test at 6,000rpm.
> Masuo Namme
> Shonan Design Co.,Ltd.

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