Merging very complex Pro/E assembly into one part

From: Steve Stewart (
Date: Thu Dec 11 1997 - 15:41:23 EET

Hello all -

We have a very complex assembly in Pro. You can think of it as a fan with
about 80 curved, lofted blades. Each blade has, as its root, a barb-like
affair which slides (apparently line-to-line) into the hub. Similar
attachment to an external ring.

So, we have about 100 solids which, when made into a single STL file of
acceptable quality gives us a 20 Mb file. The size of the file shouldn't
really be a problem - we've done big files before. However, this beast
took 45 hours to slice on a 250 MHz Indigo2 with 128 Mb of RAM. Okay, we
ate that. Now, however, we are getting an error on our SLA350 which,
according to 3D Systems, means that features are too close together for the
software to distinguish between them.

We theorized that, as we are drawing shells in the .STL file which are
immediately next to each other, if we could turn the 100 solids into one
solid, we could eliminate this problem. I haven't got a huge amount of
experience in Pro Assembly, but I found how I could merge parts, thinking
this would produce the single-solid part I desire. Unfortunately, it
appears that, even though I can pick all of the blades and tell it to merge
them to the hub as the reference part, Pro does each merge separately,
stopping and asking us for a "done" before it goes on to the next merge.

The question: is there a way to tell Pro to merge all of the solids in an
assembly into one part, in one single step?

Thanks in advance,

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